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   Started in 2002, the Tashunka program has offered horsemanship instruction, horse leasing, trips, and leadership development. Since its creation the business has evolved into a dynamic program which now includes boarding, training, show services, clinics, and consultation. The Tashunka programs have educated countless horse enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds that share a common passion for horses. Some of these people have stayed together since Tashunka started, while others joined more recently. Successes have included gentling a wild mustang, qualifying for state or national championships, riding the high country of the Northwest, or overcoming their fears by simply working with a horse; creating lifelong memories, friendships, and bonds.

   Each time we work with horses it is a gift! In order to appreciate this gift and accomplish our mission, Tashunka offers a variety of horse related opportunities, guided experiential learning with constructive feedback to help individuals grow and learn. Instructors are committed to teaching important Horsemanship and Life skills through engaging educational programs. An integral part of instruction for both horse and rider instructors will emphasize:
• solid foundation taught with a patient and deliberate approach
• safe, relaxed, and positive learning environment that balances what is best for the horse and rider
• importance of short and long term goal setting
• progression at a pace that is appropriate for their natural ability, maturity, and confidence level
• awareness that horsemanship is a team sport which includes: horse, instructor, rider and their families
• appreciation of diversity among people, horses, riding disciplines, and training techniques.

   Riders are expected to be honest, open minded, respectful, supportive, communicative, and hard working. Through each experience participants are encouraged to be critical thinkers and develop individual strength, independence, and confidence. Horse time is quality time but work nonetheless, it should be time spent learning, bonding, and enjoying the experience. Parents are asked to be patient with the process, and allow their children to learn by doing.


Our Mission

   Our mission is to provide horsemanship experiences, outdoor adventures, and leadership opportunities to equestrians of all ages. This is accomplished through personal instruction with an emphasis on applied learning, independence, leadership, and individual responsibility. We strive to help create life skills, friendships, and memories that last a lifetime.


Contact Information

   Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have comments, questions, or just want to say hi!
25634 NE 80th Street
Redmond, WA, 98053