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The following list is not a complete list, but a good start on finding books that may be helpful in planning your next adventure.  Some of the items are a bit older, and it would be a good idea to make sure you are finding the most recent edition when shopping.



Stienstra, Tom.  Pacific Northwest Camping.  Emeryville: Foghorn Outdoors, 2000.
Scott, David L., and Kay W.  Guide to the National Park Areas Western States. Guilford: The Globe Pequot Press, 2002.



Wolcott, John and Roberta.  Pacific Northwest Trail Cook Book.  Snohomish: Snohomish Publishing Company. Falcon, 1995.

Ragsdale, John. G., Dutch Oven Cooking.  Lanham: Gulf Publishing, 1997.


Health Care

Hayes, Karen E.N., DVM, MS.   Hands on Horse Care from Horse & Rider,  Harisburg: Horse & Rider, 1997.



Idaho  Atlas and Gazetteer.  Yarmouth: DeLorme, 1998.

Montana Atlas and Gazetteer.  Yarmouth: DeLorme, 1999.

Northern California Atlas & Gazetteer.  Yarmouth: DeLorme, 2003.

Oregon Atlas and Gazetteer.  Yarmouth: DeLorme, 1998.

Pacific Northwest Road Atlas and Drivers Guide.  Irvine: Thomas Brothers Maps, 1998.

Washington Atlas and Gazetteer.  Yarmouth: DeLorme, 2002.



Special Interest

Babcock, Scott, and Bob Carson.  Hiking Washingtons Geology.  Seattle: The Mountaineers, 2000.

Fish, Byron, and Ira Spring.  Lookouts and Firewatchers of the Cascades and Olympics.  Seattle: The Mountaineers, 2000.

Litton, Evic.  Hiking Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest.  Guilford: Falcon, 2001.

Maughan, Ralph and Jackie Johnson-Maughan.  Hiking Idaho.  Guilford: Falcon, 2001.

Molvar, Erik. Best Day Hikes in North Cascades.  Helena, Falcoln, 1998.

Molvar, Erik. Best Day Hikes in Olympics.  Helena, Falcoln, 1998.

Nelson, Dan.  Snowshoe Routes Washington.  Seattle: The Mountaineers, 2000.

Roe, JoAnn. Ghost Camps and Boom Towns. Bellingham: Montevista Press, 1995.

Smith, Jerry.  Boom Towns and Relic Hunters of Northeastern Washington.  Bellevue: Elfin Cove, 2002.

Spring, Ira and Vicky, and Harvey Manning.  100 Hikes in Washington's Alpine Lakes.  Seattle: The Mountaineers, 2000.

Weis, Norman D. Ghost Towns of the Northwest.  Caldwell: Caxton Press, 1999.



Fleming, June.  Staying Found.  Seattle: The Mountaineers, 2001.

Wiseman, John.  SAS Survival Handbook.  New York: Harper Collins, 2004.


Trail Riding

Cohen, Jean. US Stabling Guide. Kingston: Lariat Publications, 2005.

Rusho, Josie.  Gone Ridin'. Kittitas: Outpost Books, 2003.

Rusho, Josie.  Trail Busters. Kittitas: Outpost Books, 2006.

Smith-Barnett, Carellen.  Trail Riding Western Montana.  Helena, Falcoln, 1997.

Vanderhoof, Ruth, and Lyle Wilson.  Trail Riding Oregon.

Wolcott, John and Roberta.  The Backcountry Horseman's Guide to Washington.  Guilford: Falcon, 1995.

Woodfin, Dick and LaDonna.  Trail Riding and Pack Trips in Washington.  Portland: Frontier Publishing, 1998.

Cottage Grove Ranger District, and Sisters Ranger District, comps. United States of America. Forest Service. United States Department of Agriculture. Oregon Horse Camps, 2005 Edition. 2005.