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Additional services are provided for current participants that are involved with Boarding, Horsemanship Lessons, Leasing, Training, Tashunka Team. Services like Hauling, Clinics, Horse Massage, Body Work, Consulting, and Haul-ins are available at the normal Instruction Rate, and Show Assistance is available only to those who are active in the Lesson or Lease program.

Year round we attend schooling, open, and 4-H shows, and our riders participate in Western, English, Showmanship, Dressage, Competitive and Recreational Trail, and gaming events. Each rider is responsible for their horse at the show, and devotes an enormous amount of time and energy to make these events a success.


Current Dates

Horse Shoe - Bullet Please email regarding availability or space.


Current Rates

Hauling – Horse transportation for shows, vet appointments, special events, etc.
Horse Shoe - Bullet $2 per mile (exceptions: $10 – Fall City; $30 – Monroe; $60 – Olympia)

Show Assistance – Professional help preparing for, during, and reviewing after a show.
Horse Shoe - Bullet $2 per mile (exceptions: $10 – Fall City; $30 – Monroe; $60 – Olympia)


Important Paperwork

Stable Rules (PDF - 1 Page)
Tashunka Brochure (PDF - 2 pages)
Liability Agreement and Assumption of Risk (PDF - 2 pages)
Rate Sheet (PDF - 1 Page)