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Day Camps

Welcome to Tashunka's portal for our Day Camp programs!  We offer a wide variety of day camps for youth and adults that are offered throughout the year.  Registration is easy, and session dates are setup based on individual and group schedules.  Group discounts are available for friends, home school groups, scout troops, etc. that register at the same time for the same session.

Farm - Enjoy a week of fun doing Arts & Crafts, Games, Farm Activities and learning about horses, ponies, goats, chickens, composting, recycling, gardening, and animal health care.

Horses - Our experienced staff and counselors provide a fun filled week of Horses, Ponies, Farm Animals, Arts & Crafts, Games, and more!  Learn how horses talk and about how to groom, lead, tack up, ride, and care for a horse.

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Horse Shoe - Bullet Check out our Program Registration for current dates and themes


Important Paperwork
Tashunka Program Registration (PDF - 1 page)
Health History and Examination Form (Word - 4 pages)
Tashunka Packing List (Word - 4 pages)
Stable Rules (PDF - 1 Page)
Tashunka Brochure (PDF - 2 pages)
Liability Agreement and Assumption of Risk (PDF - 2 pages)
Rate Sheet (PDF - 1 Page)