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R-A Mazzola is the owner/trainer/instructor/chauffeur/janitor/webmaster for Tashunka, and has been teaching horsemanship lessons and training horses since 1992. He has a Bachelors degree in Recreation Management and a minor in Business Management. R-A has been involved with horses since 1985, and has experience in a wide range of riding disciplines including Western, English, Dressage, Gaming, Jumping, Trail Riding, Packing, and natural horsemanship. Horses, kids, the great outdoors, and leadership continue to be his passion and areas of specialties. His professional background includes positions as a Washington State Horse 4-H Apprentice Judge, Central Washington University Instructor, Leadership Consultant, Camp Program Director, Business Manager, and Office Manager. He has also successfully completed certificate courses for Lifeguarding form Red Cross and Wilderness First Aid from Wilderness Medicine Institute.

In addition to his work in the horse industry, R-A works as a freelance Assistant Production Supervisor, Production Assistant, and Driver in the Commercial and Feature Film Industry.  R-A was raised in a film family, as a child worked as a model and actor on print and commercials, and frequently visited his dad on sets and locations across the US. Since 2000, he has worked on a variety of films, commercials, PSA’s, and still shoots.