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Chance is a registered Mustang who was born free in the high desert of South Central Oregon, in the Beatys Butte Herd Management Area. He was Chance gathered in the fall of 2009, selected for the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover in the fall of 2011, and moved to Texas for sorting and cataloging in the winter of 2012.  After sorting through the videos of the 200 possible 4 year olds, Chance was selected as our top pick and we were lucky enough to purchase him in the SEMM online auction on March 31st, 2012.

On May 11, 2012 we picked Chance up from the Bureau Chanceof Land Management National Wild Horse and Burro Center just north of Reno, Nevada. His condition was quite a bit different than what we saw in the original video, but his temperament and demeanor showed a gentle and friendly horse. The decision was made to go ahead and take Chance instead of taking one of the other horses that were offered. That is also how Chance ended up with his name, we were taking a chance!
Lucky for us we have had a great team of sponsors to help us get Chance healthy and fit. The recovery process for Chance has been a lengthy one. He has had to recover from being substantially underweight, infested with internal parasites, at least one broken rib, and a soft ball sized abscess. None of this would have been possible without the generous support of Dr. Englebert, Dr. Fleck, and Annette of Rainland Farm Equine Clinic in Woodinville, WA; Sebastian Mazzola in North Carolina; Liz, Bill, and Kathy of Country Farm and Feed in Enumclaw, WA; Gina of Purina Animal Nutrition; Chance Lisa of Lisa Fite Farrier Service in Redmond, WA.

Since the second day Chance arrived he has been a part of the Tashunka lesson program with interested lesson participants teaching him about leading, grooming, haltering, saddling, bathing, trail obstacles, and even introducing him to riding.  After being introduced to riding he was involved in two weeks of day camp where he was ridden by advanced camp kid Chance participants in the arena, and at various parks around the Puget Sound. For our last trip of the summer he took a journey to Eastern Washington and was ridden in the North Cascades for a week. He was introduced to creeks, rivers, lakes, hikers, bikers, dogs, cars, and strange horses.

Following his busy camp and lesson schedule, he has participated in two Performance shows and a Dressage show at the Hollywood Hill Saddle Club. For a grand finale to the summer he performed at the Evergreen State Fair during the Mustang Yearlings and Washington Youth Challenge, and later at the Pro West Rodeo.
Chance continues to do well, and is currently gearing up to travel to Texas for the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover. Once he returns, he will be undergoing a second surgery to help fix his broken ribs and related draining tract.

We are still working on securing sponsorships to help cover the $20,000 it will cost to participate in the SEMM and related veterinary expenses for his two surgeries. Feel free to pass on our Sponsorship Packet to any individuals, families, and companies you feel may be interested in helping out! Any help is greatly appreciated, and donations can go a long was in helping with Chance's expenses.
For more information, photos, and videos of Chance's journey please visit the Tashunka Facebook page!