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Horse Bowl

Horse Bowl is a quiz contest with teams of 4 (3 is acceptable) competing.  Two teams are seated at the same time and a moderator asks questions relating to horses (sources are all 4-H Horse Program Publications).  Each match contains 20 questions.  When a member knows the answer, they touch a buzzer, then they have the opportunity to answer.  There is no entry fee.  Competition is “double elimination” and placing rosettes are awarded. Novice contests are offered for members new to the contest.  Spectators are always welcome.  Members form teams of 4 (3 is acceptable) who may be from the same or different clubs.  Members without a team are welcome to come to observe or may be able to fill in on a team short a member.

    Horse Bowl Rules are available from WSU through your Club Leader or from the Extension Office.  Sources of questions are all 4-H Horse Publications listed in your Leader's Enrollment Guide (EM 2778) plus Horses and Horsemanship, which can be ordered from National 4-H supply.  Sample questions can be on the University of Kentucky website.  Participants should also use the following 4-H publications for studying:


Horse Science (C0-201)

Horse and Horsemanship

Horse Contest Guide (EB1974)

Hunt Seat and Jumper Manual (PNW0488)

Western Games Member Manual and Class Rules (EM4610)

Harness Driving: Manual and Rules for Washington State (EM4881)

These contests are open to all members and are held at the Extension Center at 6:30 pm.  There is also a contest setup for Primaries to participate in Horse Bowl.