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  Hippology is a four-phase contest of horse knowledge. Subjects covered include anatomy, training, breeds, history and origins, dressage, Western games, fox hunting, the racing industry, disease, health, farm management, breeding, younger horse care and anything else that is horse-related. It is a contest that draws on the knowledge and experience that a 4-H horse member already has, and expands on it, by exposing the member to new subject areas.  The phases include: Judging, Examination, ID Station and Team Problem-Solving:


Contestants do not do Judging during county contests, however, their judging score is used to determine placing on the county team. 
Examination incorporates a timed written exam and may include true-or-false, multiple choice, matching, alphabet soup, and fill-in-the-blank type of questions.
ID Stations are poster boards that have items that are to be identified. Items may include diagrams of parts of the anatomy, or pieces of tack to identify. There are an unlimited number of things that
could be covered.
Team Problem-Solving is the phase where the team is given a problem and has 10 minute to discuss and plan their answer, then they have six minutes to present their answer as an oral presentation to the judge. A sample problem would be: You are a feed store manager and are putting together a deworming program for new horse owners. First you need to explain why deworming is an important part of horse ownership.   So - please answer the following questions during your presentation:
What types of problems can worms cause in the horse? What times of drugs would you suggest? What frequency? Any other tests that should be done? How do you test for efficacy?
During our county contests we also have an Impromptu phase that we do to help encourage quick thinking in our members. A sample would be: Explain what this piece of tack is used for? (each member is allowed 30 seconds).