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4-H Equine-A-Rama

Equine-A-Rama is a day of clinics put on by the county for 4-H members and adult volunteers.  Classes at the 11/21 clinic included:

Horse Shoe - Bullet Braiding for Show
Horse Shoe - Bullet Camping with Horses
Horse Shoe - Bullet Clipping
Horse Shoe - Bullet First Aid for Horses
Horse Shoe - Bullet Nutrition for Horses
Horse Shoe - Bullet Knowledge Contests
Horse Shoe - Bullet Leg Bandaging
Horse Shoe - Bullet Longing
Horse Shoe - Bullet Mud Management
Horse Shoe - Bullet Manure Management
Horse Shoe - Bullet Pest Management
Horse Shoe - Bullet Saddle/Bit Fitting
Horse Shoe - Bullet Toxic/Noxious Weeds
Horse Shoe - Bullet Trailer Safety and Hauling
Horse Shoe - Bullet Volunteer Update
Horse Shoe - Bullet Project Leader Training
Horse Shoe - Bullet Fencing Power & Rotational Grazing
Horse Shoe - Bullet Preparing for Show/Fair
Horse Shoe - Bullet Record Books
Horse Shoe - Bullet Judging Reasons
Horse Shoe - Bullet Introduction to 4-H Horse Program