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Snohomish County 4-H Fair

As a part of the Snohomish County 4H Horse Program, Midnight Riders gets to participate in the Evergreen State Fair at the end of August.  The fair is held every year at the Monroe Fairgrounds, and marks the end of the summer as well as the last major 4H show of the year.

     Each year the fair attracts around 900,000 visitors with its great food, fun rides, neat entertainment, and the traditional agricultural exhibits.  Members of various projects can enter their animals in a variety of contests and exhibits to be judged or simply for display.  Typically, the top contestants from each project can continue on to represent Snohomish county at the state competition that takes place during the Puyallup Fair.

     Some of our members have literally grown with the fair being a major part of their life, and for some it is the highlight of the year.  Countless hours are spent preparing for fair, and an enormous amount of energy go into making that experience a positive one.  In addition to all the hard work put forth by each member, their families also invest a lot of time and effort to help things run smoothly.  Come visit us! :)