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4-H Activities

   Each project has a unique set of activities and competitions that members can participate in.  Most activities incorporate an educational and competitive component.  However, all activities are meant to help members learn and most importantly, HAVE FUN!
Most of the competitive activities allow a member to participate at the local and county level.  Some activities also offer higher levels of competition for participants who qualify.  A member can potentially compete at the state and even national level.
Below is a list of some of the various activities available in the Horse project:
Horse Shoe - Bullet County Dance
Horse Shoe - Bullet Dressage
Horse Shoe - Bullet Drill Team
Horse Shoe - Bullet Equine-A-Rama
Horse Shoe - Bullet Fair
Horse Shoe - Bullet Gaming Shows
Horse Shoe - Bullet Groom Squad
Horse Shoe - Bullet Hippology
Horse Shoe - Bullet Horse Bowl
Horse Shoe - Bullet Horse Judging
Horse Shoe - Bullet Horse Shows
Horse Shoe - Bullet Hunter Jumper
Horse Shoe - Bullet Public Presentation
Horse Shoe - Bullet Trail Class In the Field